Leather, pasta and language

The biggest problem with my job as a personal shopping guide here in Florence is the temptations I must avoid! Like this buttery soft cream leather bag I saw yesterday. It is so lightweight and beautiful, and it smelled so good, it was all I could do to let the shop owner tear it out of my hands and put it back on the shelf. It made my old Max Mara tote look like a grocery sack! And this is just one of the cream colored bags on the display…….
But I have promised myself that I will hold off making any purchases until the week before I leave. So I went to the big grocery store to get some supplies for my empty refrigerator. The pasta aisle here always amazes me. It is the whole length of the store, and the pasta is on both sides of the aisle. 

This photo is taken from mid point of the aisle. Someday I am going to actually count how many different kinds of pasta are available here! My favorite is still the San Ambrogio Market, however. I love the colors of all the vegetables and fruits. And right now, the heirloom tomatoes are so sweet and delicious that I sometimes just eat three or four of them for dinner! La dolce vita for sure!

My daily language class at Scuola Parola continues to be a lesson in humility, but I am actually able to understand most everything that is said to me. This does not mean I am fluent, or capable of carrying on a philosophical discussion, however. Now that we are studying the ninth verb conjugation and all of the irregular verbs in it, my brain feels like an alphabet soup….provo sempre!

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