Florence Shoppers Go to the Beach

It has been getting really warm here in Florence, so my friend, Chippie, and I decided to go to Cinque Terre to the beach village of Monterosso al Mare. Clear aqua water, beautiful breeze and great beach there! We sunned, swam, ate way too much fried seafood and drank negroni. Ended up spending the night in a small hotel that was such a deal we are thinking of going back next week too! Here is a photo we took while we were having dinner at a seaside ristorante:

The only thing that would have made this better, would have been my big, handsome husband with me!

Never one to let a shopping opportunity pass me by, the next morning after we had been to the beach, showered and checked out of the hotel, we stopped by a few little shops. Bought a wonderful beach towel that is not terry cloth, but waffle cotton. So much easier to travel with, as it folds up small, and yet it is still great for absorbing water. Also bought a sun hat and a beach pillow that doubles as a floatation device. Perfect for bobbing in the surf while tanning the backside! Because don’t we all hate lying on the stomach to tan? Especially after negroni and fried seafood….We think we may go again next week to the beach, as Florence is getting way to hot! La dolce vita sulla spiaggia!!!

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  1. Maren did a fantastic job in taking us to customer friendly shops that had the best goods that Italy can offer. She did not rush us through the experience and was there to meet all of our needs and desires in living the true Florence shopping experience! Thank you Maren for a fun dining and shopping trip. From your new friends in Southern Calilornia!!!! Ciao!!!

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