Christmas Shopping in Florence

The weather has turned cold, and there are few tourists in Florence at this time of year. Perfect time to shop for shearlings, scarves, gloves and boots!

We hope that there will not be snow like last year! Just look at the scooters in the snow!

For those of you traveling to Florence now, think scarves. They make an excellent choice for bringing home as gifts. Lightweight, taking up little room in the suitcase, scarves in silk/wool combos are perfect for Christmas presents. My best friend received an early holiday gift of a blue and pink silk scarf. She has had so many compliments on it that she thinks she should start to import them!

Even though a shearling coat takes up lots of room in your luggage, the Italian shearlings  are unlike the heavy ones we are used to in the States! I say just wear it back on the plane!  Along with a pair of handmade Italian boots that feel perfect from the first wearing.  Mine are camel leather and suede- so beautiful! My favorite boot people are in New York now doing a trunk show of shearlings and leather coats right now, but they will be back in Florence next week…

And of course, a little box with some Florentine gold jewelry would be coveted by anyone Christmas morning! My daughters are going to be thrilled with the earrings I bought for them!

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