Fall is for Boots!

Best thing about the weather turning colder is that we can wear boots again! Here in Italy, the women wear boots even in the summer, but the fall boots are more to my liking. short boot

Short boots are all the rage, of course. They can be worn with pants, or with dresses and skirts. Those who have problems getting boots to fit their calves are really in luck with the short boots!

I love these tall black boots with just a bit of detail. tall black boot 2

Or for a change from black, I favor these gray suede boots. Would look great with jeans tucked inside!tall gray suede boot

Of course we all “need” a new handbag for fall! Fabio has just brought these to me. Such gorgeous workmanship and materials- blue suede, reversible bucket bag and woven in a beautiful color I cannot describe.blue suedereversible bucket bagwoven

There were a couple more, too, but they were snatched up immediately. One by me!
fall chia

Bags and Baubles

And the winner for my new fall handbag is this cavallino and calfskin leather:
cavallino bag

“Needed” a new black bag…I also saw it in navy blue suede and leather as well as deep red. Was so tempted that I may “need” to go back for the navy too….

I love my earrings and necklaces, but really I prefer rings and bracelets because I can see them all the time when I wear them. The goldsmith is making me a ring created from an old one my mother gave me. I didn’t like the style AT ALL, so he is using the stones and gold to create something I think I will love. Have been asked to post new pictures of jewelry, so here you go!
mixed diamonds ringwhite gold ring

leather bracelets Multi colored diamond ring, white gold ring, leather with gold and diamonds in bracelets. Rose or yellow gold with semi-precious stones.

And what about this cream colored leather coat??? It would look just as wonderful with jeans tucked into boots as it would over a dressy outfit.
cream leather

Fabulous New Fabio Handbags!

Fabio has created 3 new bags of the same design, but in different materials and colors! Wow!!!

chocolate baggray bagblack bag

This brown python bag is a piece of artwork for sure. brown pitone

I told him how much everyone loved the gray suede and camel woven bags he did last spring, so he graciously made one in black. I think I am in love!black woven

Chia seems to be a little bored with the handbags, however. She is way more excited about chasing the pigeons in the piazza!chia

Fall in Florence

The days are still warm and sunny with just enough cool breeze to make for perfect shopping weather! Chia and I survived our 23 hour trip from Seattle to Florence last week, but she is still jet-lagged…snooze Caught her snoozing during a shopping tour!

There are some good sales on summer sandals here, and lots of beautiful boots and shoes for fall. The really comfortable driving mocs in 30 colors remain a favorite!pink mocs

I convinced one of the little shops into taking some of Fabio’s handbags. There are only a few, but gorgeous! Of course, Fabio promised to deliver them on Monday at 9am, and didn’t show up until Wednesday at 3…..worth the wait though! Pitone Rosso Tote This beautiful large red python and leather tote should sell for 1200 euro, but Fabio has said that he will sell it for a ridiculously low price……..right when I promised myself I had enough bags!

Embrace the Bling!

grazie ringsabbia ring

Many of my shopping clients have expressed great lust for the Florentine gold work with gems. Often the comment is, “I want something for everyday, and the gems might be too much bling for where I live.” Living part time in Seattle, home of grunge, and the unofficial headquarters for sweatpants, I say BAH! Bring on the bling!!! Leading the way, I am wearing my nice jewelry daily with jeans and a white tee shirt here in Seattle- to the grocery store, walking Chia, in ballet class- everywhere!

I am all about natural and organic, and what can be more organic than a gem stone? They are dug up out of the ground! I say, let the natural blues of sapphire, the emerald greens, the garnet reds, etc. be reflected on your very own self. I consider the gems to be a bit of compensation for my wrinkles!


Spending the lazy days of summer here in Seattle, I have had lots of time to think about gems…..Latest idea? Arrange for a group of us jewelry lovers to visit the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show this coming February! Pearls? Tanzanite? Topaz?…….

Your personal shopper in Florence, Italy