What I Love This Week…

Pants that FIT!!! There is a great shop here in Florence that makes pants to fit women’s bodies: curvy! I want a pair of stretchy jeans in a subtle pattern that are a big thing here. These pants come in brown, purple, blue and green and have big turtleneck sweaters to pair with them. Worn with boots or smoking slippers, I think they are just the thing for fall. Have decided to go for a pair of deep navy blue smoking slippers, but not sure if I want suede or cavallino…I do already have a pair of brown suede, and a pair of cavallino print:

print slippers

One of the best finds of the week is this shoe stretcher! Maybe I have overlooked them in the US, but have never seen one. It comes with several little inserts to put at various places to stretch shoes in more than just length- width and bunion areas too. Whoo hoo! All those shoes that hurt me are going to get a taste of their own medicine as I torture them into submission! And no more paying the shoemaker to stretch shoes and boots for me.


This coming week, I am shopping with a group of four women from Texas, who were referred by a previous client. Should be fun! Also checking in with the goldsmith to see the progress of my new necklace. We are debating a necklace in the Corteccia di Pino (bark of pine) with a fun clasp, or a more intricate Florentine pattern, which I am waiting to see. This is a photo of the bracelets in Corteccia di Pino in the slim and the thicker style. corteccia di pino

Will also be checking on the beautiful ceramics I am buying, made inapricots a Renaissance pattern. With the fall season coming to a close, and my return to Seattle pending, I am in shopping overdrive!!!

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Chill in the air!

A definite chill this morning here in Florence. Fall seems to be advancing quickly! I am waiting to receive my new shearling coat, as the sleeves are being shortened now. Think I will be needing to wear it soon.

And of course I am looking at all the fabulous boots here, and thinking which will look best with my new coat.
booties So many choices: short boots with patent leather for dressier occasions, suede flat booties that can be made in any color combination. I am contemplating the short suede boots in black and green to wear with my new coat, black leggings or jeans. Am happy to see the dressier ones with the new lower heel to wear with black pants or a dress and tights.

Nero Trapunta

I love this super soft leather bag that the elderly leather craftsman made for travel or work. It has a large mid section and two big zippered sections on either side- perfect to hold the laptop, ipad and a sweater for the plane. The handles are so comfortable that even if I stuffed it full, it would still be easy to carry. Large enough for all my things, but still small enough to pass as a purse. And I must be careful with that, because Chia is considered my carry on!
chia travel bag

A busy week with lots of shoppers, and another three groups next week. Hoping to get to Naples and points south with my Aussie friends the following week. Maybe I will buy the soft tote to take with me!

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Florence Fall in Full Swing for Shopping!

Fall leaves are starting to drift down these days, and we had a big thunder storm this weekend. Everywhere sandals are being replaced with boots, summer dresses with soft, lightweight leather jackets. One of my favorite looks this fall is a simple dress with short boots and a fitted leather jacket.

verde i cani

Just got another bag from the elderly leather craftsman in Tuscany. This one is teal green suede with a subtle dog print, and trimmed with python. It even has a python cell phone holder inside. The red suede and cavallino bag and the navy leather and python bag were snatched up by the first two women who saw them! Yes, they are that beautiful! One would expect to pay 3 times his asking price in a shop, and this quality is beyond anything else I have seen.

This shearling coat has me wishing for colder weather! It looks brown in the photo, but it is actually an olive green.

These men’s shoes are so fun! With the blue laces, and woven leather, they would look great with jeans, or could be dressed up with nice slacks. Love the Italian classic designs with just a little twist to make them interesting.
MV shoes

Even though I hate to see summer go, I must admit that all the fall fashion here in Florence makes it much easier to bear!

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Shop Until We Drop!

This week’s shopping trips have been so much fun! One day 7 hours, another day 5 hours and yet another 6 hours. I think that Chia and I are becoming world class shoppers! Lovely people buying beautiful things here in Florence: jackets, jewelry, boots and handbags. And speaking of handbags….
green bag

green bag detail
This is a feeble attempt at photographing a gorgeous bag made by the elderly leather craftsman here in Tuscany. It is a deep bottle green, braided leather and smooth leather combination. The braided part is made of hand cut pieces of leather that are dyed and then braided together to make this pattern. There is lots of black running through the braided pieces, so it would look great with a black outfit for sure! I would wear this bag with navy, beige, khaki, and gray as well. Given that we wear so many basic colors in our clothing, I think it is really fun to have a colored bag!

I also received a red suede and cavallino bag that was snatched up by the first lady to see it! The next woman I showed the bags to, bought the navy braided leather and python bag.

pearl and gold necklace
The goldsmith is making a necklace for me something like this one, but without the pearls. I am eagerly awaiting the sample for approval!

When I pass through the Piazza Signoria, where Savanarola held the “Bonfire of the Vanities”, I can’t help but think how upset the women in Renaissance Florence must have been when forced into burning their jewelry!

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The Bags Are Here, The Bags Are Here!!!


I just received seven handmade bags and am so very excited! Red, blue, green, totes….yipppeeeee! Will photograph them asap and post pictures for you to see. The elderly leather craftsman may be slow to deliver, but these bags are worth the wait….

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Gorgeous Fall in Florence

With daytime temperatures in the mid-80′s and cool, lovely evenings, I am reminded why I love Florence in the fall. Okay, so the REAL reason I love Florence in the fall is the boots, bags and fall fashion….the weather is nice too. IMG_3974

The things I see here in Italy are usually 2 years ahead of what we see in the States. Big colors this fall are green and blue. Am seeing these colors in handbags, jackets, and all kinds of work/tote bags.

Had a truly lovely lady shopping with me this week. She purchased a stunning red leather jacket that is reminiscent of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Obviously not the one in the photo, but she has promised to send me a picture wearing it.

She also bought a Roman coin necklace that is a show stopper!
F.M. necklace

As the days grow shorter, and winter approaches, I am thinking about shearling coats…..

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