As much as I love Florence, Maui in the winter has much nicer weather! It is sunny and mid 80′s with a nice tropical breeze…and the sunset view from our condo lanai is gorgeous.

Of course I have gone shopping here, but have come up empty handed! I am so spoiled with the jewelry, leather and fashion in Florence…Did see a few things of interest that we would never find in Florence, however!

And if I don’t stop with the Mai Tai’s and Maui potato chips, I may need one of these muu’muu!

tiki Tiki carvings and shark’s teeth were interesting!

As much as I love Maui, I am counting the days until I get back to Florence and see all the new shoes, fashion and jewelry for spring 2014. I am sure to not come home empty handed there!

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Remote Shopping



Beautiful winter weather here in Seattle- no rain for days, which is a kind of miracle for sure! The photos are from my deck overlooking Portage Bay this morning. Frosty cold, but sunny!

Even while I am spending the holidays with my family in Seattle, I am helping people to shop in Florence. I have been organizing remote shopping itineraries for clients, and they have been very pleased with the gold jewelry and leather items they have purchased from my favorite shops.

Looking forward to our vacation in Hawaii, and seeing if there is anything interesting to shop for there. Muu’muu anyone?

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Buon Capodanno!

Happy New Year to all! I am excited to see all the spring fashion in Florence when I return in March. I did get a sneak preview of the new spring scarf selection from my favorite shop. These scarves are the best yet, and they are copyrighted so no one but Ricardo will have them!pink scarfmy scarfblue scarf detail

I made a feeble attempt to video Ricardo demonstrating some scarf folding methods, but I promise a full length, better one in the spring!

For now we must wear our warm winter scarves, but spring will be here before we know it. I may have to add another long rod in my closet to hold the new scarves I want!

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Buon Natale!

Wishing all of you something sparkly, something silky and something surprising under the Christmas tree. And most of all, health and happiness in the New Year!chia in santa hat

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Etruscan Enthusiast!

Christmas is rapidly approaching, and my new necklace will not be under the tree, because my design idea has changed. I am all excited about some Etruscan jewelry I have seen and want a replica in 18 karat rose gold. I have been emailing back and forth with the goldsmith, and he has come up with some interesting ideas. The pendant will be along the same lines as my earrings:


It will have more detail, and a chain to accent the design. I am very excited to have it!

Meanwhile, Chia is posing in front of the Christmas tree, and hoping for a new squeaky toy to appear!

chia under xmas tree

Tourists coming to Florence have been requesting shopping tours in April, May and even July already. Think I had better rest up for the spring season!

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I Miss Florence!

This morning in Seattle, it was 27 degrees at 10am. We have had an especially chilly spell, which is nice because it is sunny, but COLD!!! Chia was snuggled up against me this morning in bed, which is not normal. This is when I discovered that our furnace was broken! The coldest day of the year and no heat. So of course I did what was necessary: went shopping! Thank goodness I have my new shearling coat.
It looks brown in this photo, but it is actually more olive green. My friends here in Seattle are all drooling over it and want to come to Florence to buy one! It is lightweight, but still so very warm. It is not like the shearlings we are used to in the States, which resemble the thick, heavy, Marlborough man style.

A lovely client from Australia just ordered this ring from the goldsmith. I helped coordinate the details with great excitement. It is absolutely gorgeous!

I do love the hummingbirds here that do not exist in Italy. They are battling for territory these days, so I have three feeders out. Still one stands guard over the entire lot. Greedy little guy, but so cute!

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