Fall Fashion is Here, but Summer Weather Persists!

Still mid-80’s here and rather humid! The fall fashion is everywhere to be seen, but just to warm to wear any of it yet. I am longing for boots and sweaters! The color for fall seems to be gray. Gray with mauve, pale blue, royal blue and burgundy. I am thinking about gray suede boots and/or smoking slippers
suede slippers

The large Florentine silk scarf I envision for me has an artist’s rendition of the Corsini Palace chapel. Pink Florentine Chapel scarf
Just the right colors to complement the gray skinny jeans I bought! Think I will put the scarf, jeans and smoking slippers with a white tee shirt and my Chanel style tweed jacket. When it finally gets colder, the gray suede boots and a turtleneck sweater!

Fall is a busy shopping time here for Chia and me. We have 11 tours in the next 9 days! Then we will take a week off and go somewhere we have never been. Am thinking about Verona….

The Beach, The Flu Bug and The Butcher….

chia and katherinemaren and chia

Chia and I had a nice relaxing time at the beach in Monterosso al Mare with our friend from Rome.chia on trail

But on the way back to Florence, I was exhausted, and had no appetite. At dinner that evening, I still didn’t want to eat. I spent the next 24 hours miserably….Chia stayed on the bed with me, and as quickly as I fell ill, I recovered.

Well, almost….
Note to self: don’t even glance at the butcher’s counter at Mercato Sant’Ambrogio if even slightly queasy!
what is this? I really don’t want to know what this is…..

But look at these beautiful heirloom tomatoes!
chia and tomatoes

Shopping tours resume this week after our little vacation to the beach. Getting very busy this September! Will post some photos of the new leather and fashion here in Florence next week.

End of Summer in Florence

chia on planeChia and I have returned to Florence, finding surprisingly moderate weather! Not too hot here, which makes for great shopping! Jet lag has caught up to us today, but Chia had a good flight with a lovely lady sitting next to us. She is a travel photographer, and took this picture of Chia on the plane. I am so jet lagged that I can’t figure out why the photo is sideways….

Arrived Thursday and had shopping tours Friday and Saturday. Am shredded this evening, and going to bed early! A dear friend arrives tomorrow from Rome, and we will spend two days here shopping in Florence before we go to Cinque Terre for two days. Typical American women of a certain age, we dread the beach in our swimsuits, but will squint our eyes in front of the mirror and have fun anyway!

Lucky Ladies!

Wow! Just got some photos of the custom jewelry that a couple of my shopping clients purchases earlier this summer. Helene's ringK.P. earrings

I have been thinking about these earrings all summer.Sabbia earrings
They are called “Sabbia” which is Italian for sand. Beautiful rose gold with chocolate and white diamonds…..

But in addition, I have some ideas for new designs using foraminifera as inspiration. Been reading a fascinating book called, “The Sixth Extinction.” One never knows where one will find ideas for new jewelry pieces!

Packing for the Trip Back to Florence.

chia in suitcase
Chia wants to make sure that I don’t leave her in Seattle! Once the suitcase comes out, she makes her presence known…..

I have a nifty travel crate for her. It is a rolling crate, as well as a backpack and fits under the seat on the plane. She jumps right into it as soon as I ask her to!
chia in travel crate

And while on the subject of packing, I have found a great toiletry kit. I got mine from ebags.com and it is called the Baggallini Flat Fold Organizer. Just noticed it is on sale now, and I highly recommend it.

So excited to see what is new for fall in Florence: the jewelry, the leather jackets, the boots…Will post some photos of the latest Italian fashion next week!

Fabio Is Going on Vacation and Wants to Sell His Handmade Bags at Discount!!!


Fabio, a leather craftsman in Tuscany, who makes unique handbags one at a time, is going on vacation next week, and wants to sell his handbags now at a discount! This is huge!!! These bags are gorgeous, one of a kind and made with the very best materials. He uses the leftover pieces from his son’s factory where leather coats are made. I have a couple of his bags, and everywhere I go even here in Italy, people comment on them. This is my favorite:
green bag

I have my eye on this black mixed media tote bag. When I first felt this bag, I really understood the meaning of, “buttery soft leather.”

Nero Tote Mix Media

So if you are thinking about a new handbag for fall, click on the “store” tab on my website to see Fabio’s bags. If you are interested in one, let me know and I will call Fabio (preferably in the evening after he has had several glasses of wine….) and see what he will do for us!

marrone mix media

rosso con pitone

Your personal shopper in Florence, Italy