Chia Loves Christmas

oh boy, dinner!
Chia gets so excited for her dinner, as you can see if you watch this little video.
She gets even more excited for Christmas. She has already went into my closet and took her Christmas gift!

xmas tree chia
Chia really wanted this little tree, but we opted for a taller one.

In Florence, all the streets are decorated with white lights this time of year. Each street has a different design: snowflakes, icicles, even bicycles! The entire front of the Rinascente department store is covered in lights. Rinascente

Even the little back alleys have lights.alley

Such a beautiful time of year to be in Florence!

Fall Finished for Me in Florence

My fall stay in Florence has come to an end, but not before I purchased new earrings from the goldsmith!
foraminifera earrings I was reading a fascinating book called The Sixth Extinction, and saw a drawing of extinct marine protozoa. I immediately thought: earrings! The goldsmith took the drawing and created my own foraminiferi in 18k gold with a tiny diamond. One of a kind right now, but I will share my idea if anyone wants a pair.

And take a look at all of these drawings! Pendants, more earrings, brooches, bracelets…..Can you find the drawing used for my earrings? Kind of a “Where’s Waldo” game for jewelry.

My Christmas gift is being made right now. Rose gold in bands intertwined with 2 colors of diamonds like the Sabbia ring I love, but a different style.
new ringsabbia ring

Can’t wait to see the final product, and wear it in Seattle where it will definitely make my winter glow!

Poor little Chia is exhausted from all the shopping and long flight to Seattle…chichi

Paris Shop 4 It???

Ooh La La, Paris! The shopping is fabulous, but everything is very expensive, including coffee! Even so, I did manage to stimulate the French economy a bit. A gorgeous cashmere oversized turtleneck in pale blue, some costume jewelry for my daughters and the required tourist trinket:


Yes, it is the Eiffel Tower and it lights up….Chia made me buy it 😉

The highlight of the shopping for me was going to Caron Parfumerie. I bought some honest to goodness French perfume, but the real treat is viewing the shop itself. caron
caron bottles
caron perfumes
caron box
The bottles, boxes and compacts made me feel like I was in Marie Antoinette’s boudoir. I wanted one of each, but had to stop at the perfume….

How fun would it be to have a sister tour for Florence Shop 4 It in Paris?

Still Sunny Skies!

Been getting colder here in Florence, but still sunny and 70 during the day. Chia and I have been taking long walks along the river Arno every day.

oltrarnoI love wearing boots again, and have been adding to my collection! Also added a deep navy handbag and a gorgeous scarf to my wardrobe. Some new designs have just come into Ricardo’s shop- patented designs, so unique to his shop!

The Mercato Centrale has opened the entire upstairs, which houses several restaurants and bio food shops. Had a yummy salmon dinner there the other night.


In Piazza Santa Croce there is a yearly market that has fall flowers and bulbs, food, wine, etc. Chia and I are waiting until this evening at 7pm when the cyclamen are sold off for only 1 euro each! cyclamen Might have to take my shopping cart to carry as many as possible back to the apartment….

Beautiful Bologna

leaning towers

Chia and I spent a delightful weekend in Bologna with our friend, Abbey.

We discovered that there is more than just the Leaning Tower of Pisa! In Bologna, we saw two towers next to each other which both appear to lean! At first we thought it was just one, but after circumventing the area, looks like both lean!

Drinking cafe macchiato in one of the loggia, eating fabulous lasagnetta verde in a charming ristorante and drinking some great wine. ristorante
maren and chia

The weather was perfect, and even though we took the wrong train and had a little detour through Rome, we had a good laugh and a great weekend in Bologna….

Your personal shopper in Florence, Italy