Buona Pasqua!

An outstandingly beautiful day here in Tuscany for Easter! Had brunch with a friend at a small ristorante Oltrarno in the garden. I wore my new pendant that the goldsmith and I designed, which I just love! The pearl is actually pink, but looks white in the photo, and is made with rose gold.

Here is a photo of the earrings that the goldsmith also made for me. The green stones are apetite with little pink sapphires around. The detailing in the gold is gorgeous!

Was a very busy week with five shopping groups, mostly Australians. We found some beautiful leather jackets as well as gold jewelry and scarves. The only problem with taking all these people shopping is that I see so many things that I want for myself. I don’t allow myself to shop when I am with clients though!

Sunday is for Shopping!


Chia and I had the day off from school and clients, so we did what we like the most: shopping for ourselves! We saw lots of handbags, but none as beautiful as the ones Fabio makes! This week’s photo is of a chocolate brown medium size bag of python and leather in an interesting combination.
marrone mix media

Yesterday we hiked uphill Oltrarno with birds singing and warm sunshine. Built up quite an appetite! Chicken cacciatore for dinner with a great glass of Brunello wine.

Fabulous Handmade Bags from Fabio

black cavallino

Every time I call Fabio, I am afraid that he will no longer be making handbags. He is quite elderly and one of a dying breed of leather craftsmen. His one of a kind handmade bags are simply works of art with the best hardware, materials and attention to detail. The bag above is black cavallino with python trim. It even has a python cell phone pocket inside!

rosso con pitone

This sweet, smaller red leather bag has python trim as well. I love the details on the front of the bag.


Chia remains the most spoiled and most famous dog here in Florence. When I awoke this morning, I was greeted with her face right next to mine! We are looking forward to all the shopping tours in the coming weeks. Lots of new shoes, jewelry and leather this spring- temptations everywhere!

Spring Has Arrived in Florence!


Yesterday Chia and I walked along the river in such nice, warm sunshine. Although I pass by this statue of David often (this is a replica- real one is inside the Accademia), I couldn’t resist taking a photo in the spring light.

And we are about to celebrate Chia’s 8th birthday! She was such a cute little puppy when we brought her home at 6 weeks.
baby chia She remains the most famous dog in Florence, doing her tricks for the tourists and locals alike.

This week my friend and I took a great cooking class here in town. As I waited to meet her, I found this gorgeous dress in the Valentino window. Incredible detail and so different! And so expensive! Fun to look though.
valentino dress

In the cooking class made tortellini from scratch, stuffed with artichoke/cheese puree and topped with fresh tomato/basil sauce. So yummy and so much work!abbey and maren cooking

This evening I will be going outside of Florence to visit an elderly leather craftsman. His one of a kind, handmade bags are works of art, and I hope to bring at least a dozen back to Florence with me to show my clients. I am sure that I will keep one for myself as well….. Will post photos next week!

A New Necklace for Me!

new necklace Here is the first draft of a new necklace for me! The disks are Etruscan inspired and will have a tiny diamond in the center of each. We are re-working the chain to be less modern, and more in keeping with the Etruscan design in the disks. It will be in the rose gold I love. This rose gold is so different from the kind we see in the States. It is a very subtle pink.

Chia has had her portrait drawn by a very talented young artist and former ballet student from Seattle! Chia portrait

The weather here has been so beautiful up until today. Poured rain for most of the day, but promises to be nice this evening. The shopping clients this week have been such fun. Leather jackets, gold jewelry, boots custom made and lots of beautiful silk scarves. spring scarves

Roman Coin Jewelry: Authentic or Replica?

coin necklaces To the left are beautiful gold necklaces with replica Roman coins. An economical alternative to the real deal. F.M. necklace On the right is a necklace with an authentic Roman coin pendant. Notice how the coin is black, and not silver or gold. Only a few of the authentic Roman coins are silver.

There is a huge variety of Roman coin jewelry, and the price varies according to the worth of the coin. The authenticated, certified Roman coins start at about 500 euro, and go into the tens of thousands. The older the coin, the better the condition, the higher the price. coin braceletIMG_3838

This leather bracelet with a Roman coin and my own necklace with a Roman coin. These coins are not certified, nonetheless authentic, and not expensive! The important thing to know when buying Roman coin jewelry is that you are getting what you pay for! That is where I come in, and can help my shopping clients get just what they want in the price range they are comfortable with. You must know who to deal with, because sadly, there are people who try to pass off fakes as the real thing.

Your personal shopper in Florence, Italy