Awesome Assisi Weekend

Chia and I spent a beatiful weekend in Assisi, which is such a charming town. Maren and Chia Assisi
We went with my dear friend, Katherine, as she wanted to go to mass at the church of St. Francis. Would have been a perfect weekend except we arrived late Saturday afternoon, and all the shops were closed Sunday and Monday morning! Still lusting after a darling small oil carafe I saw in a shop window. Might have to go back to buy it….

We have returned to Florence and taking 3 groups shopping this week. Today I picked up my 34th wedding anniversary gift from the goldsmith. From my husband via the goldsmith that is!my new bracelet I just love it!

I covet this woven hobo bag made by Fabio. He is still making a few bags with the leftover materials from his son’s factory. You can see by the goofy smile on my face how much I love this bag! A former shopping client just bought it, so it is going to San Francisco right now. Fingers crossed that Fabio will make a similar bag for me! The weaving on the bag is perfect and the leather so soft. I have seen the identical bag in a high end designer store for over three times the price!!!Hobo woven bag

Spectacular Tuscan Countryside

Just back from a really beautiful long weekend at the Tuscan country home of a friend. The weather was perfect, and Chia was delighted.chia castelvecchio

Little waterfalls, walks to town for cappuccino and dinners al fresco overlooking the valley of Castelvecchio. maren and chia waterfallvistaLa dolce vita veramente!

This week I have shopping tours, and everyone is eager to see the woven handbags that Fabio has made. Exactly like a well known brand (he worked for them years ago) and at a fraction of the price! I have my eye on the tan one….but he has made mustard, deep chocolate brown and black as well.

And Ricardo has a whole new collection of scarves for spring/summer! Such gorgeous colors- will take some photos this week to show you all!

Antiques in Arezzo

Beautiful weekend in Arezzo for the antiques show. The whole center of town is closed to traffic, and filled with booths of antiques of all descriptions. Chia and I spent two days perusing the goods, and selected this hand mirror. IMG_3678


making gnocchi

gold selfie


Shopping here in Florence is great as usual, and Fabio has just made a few more bags! These bags are small python and anaconda- gorgeous! He said that he has a couple more new bags in green and pink, but he doesn’t want to show me just yet….anaconda bag

medium python bag

small python bag

The weather here is a perfect 75 degrees and the sun is shining. Chia and I are out walking and checking out all the new shoes, jackets, handbags and of course jewelry! So many beautiful temptations….

Easter in Florence


Easter is a huge celebration here in Catholic Italy. Not only Easter Sunday, but Easter Monday as well! Sadly for me, the jetlag has been horrific this time. Was in kind of bad shape to travel after sinus surgery and two bouts of the flu, but determined to come back to Florence!

Under sunny Florentine skies, I am feeling better already. Chia is so excited to see all of her friends here.

Ricardo has agreed to make another video showing us how to wear the smaller size silk scarves, and the stoles. I love this scarf so much I have it in pink, peach and blue!IMG_3589My oldest and dearest friend”s daughter is having her bachelorette party here in Florence, and everyone will be wearing one of these!

Anticipating a very exciting spring here in Florence. Will post all the latest bags, jewelry and clothing asap.

Countdown to Florence!

Busy here in Seattle getting everything organized for my absence. I have been going through my travel sundries, and come upon about a million travel size shampoos, lotions, etc. from various hotels….

This year, I am gathering all of the sample size “free gifts with purchase”, and the hotel things, and taking them to the local women’s shelter. I encourage all of you to do the same. Many of these women leave abusive situations with only the clothes they are wearing. Little comforts like some nice lotion mean a lot to them. So join me in a spring cleaning and help a worthy cause too!

Not only am I getting busy with spring shopping clients, I am booking many people for next fall! I have had quite a few 2nd time shoppers, and this fallDebbie and Malcolm
my first time 4th shoppers are coming again! In the photo you see last year’s purchases: an Italian blazer and shoes on Malcolm, and short boots and a bag on Deb. This year, we will be looking for something extra special to celebrate their 25th anniversary.

Hope to see lots of you again this year in Florence!

Your personal shopper in Florence, Italy