Non-buyers Remorse…..

Of course when I am back in Seattle, I think about all of the lovely things I should have purchased while I was in Florence! Non-buyers remorse for me….I regret not buying a pair of the blush pink sandals. Blush sandal I somehow convinced myself that owning a black pair and a pair of white with multi colored flowers would sandalssandal 1 Silly me!

I am loving the gray woven hobo bag that I got from Fabulous Fabio (as I now call him).

gray hobo

And I also love the gray pearl earrings and the Nudo earrings from the goldsmith.
IMG_3773IMG_4013 I had debated white versus gray pearls, but am very happy I selected the gray. I have been wearing them lots! I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the green stone and gold, long necklace that was not ready before I left. Seeing the beautiful London blue topaz Nudo ring my daughter’s friend asked me to get for her, makes me want one of those too!IMG_0166

I’m all set to return to Florence for the fall shopping season, so if you want me to do some remote shopping for you, just let me know. Or better yet, come and shop with me in Florence!

Summer: Seattle vs. Florence

Weather report from Florence today: 99 degrees. Seattle weather: 70 degrees. As much as I love Florence, I do not love Florence at 99 degrees…..

chia fountain

The shopping here in Seattle, isn’t nearly as much fun as Florence, but Chia enjoys the fountain at University Village.

Just before I left Florence, Fabio appeared with this lovely pink python bag.Pink python bag
It is a great medium sized bag and he made the straps long enough to go over the shoulder!

m'ama non m'ama rings

These dainty rings have been getting lots of attention recently. The goldsmith has several made already, and is in the process of making more with different stones. They can be worn alone, or stacked with two or three. I love my emerald ring. I took a ring my mother gave me and had it remade into this:emerald ring Patting myself on the back for good recycling!

Grazie Mille a Tutti!

The spring shopping season is coming to a close, and I am looking back at the years of fun shopping I have done here. Chia and I have met so many wonderful people, many who have become friends. Even though we spend as little as 2 hours together, some clients feel like friends right away!

This was the case with a charming couple from Australia.Kinsley Chia was instantly jumping up into Kingsley’s lap. She is such a good judge of character! Sadly, we have lost Kingsley recently, and our hearts go out to his lovely, devoted wife and family. He was truly a gentleman and will be missed by many.

I want to express my thanks to all of you 100’s of shoppers who have given me the opportunity to share the wares of Florence with you. Life is short, so wear cute shoes and travel!

Attention All Handbag Lovers!

Friday evening I was invited to go to Fabio’s son’s factory to see some new handbags that he has made. I was so excited and not disappointed! A unique selection of gorgeous bags that had my head spinning! It was a long weekend so the factory was closed, and Fabio gave me the real inside tour: racks of leather leftovers, jackets being made for some BIG designers and of course, his little corner of the factory with his work table. leather This is just one section of leather piecesbeige laser bagpurple python out of about 12!

black wovenbeige laser with holes

There are several other unique handbags too, but I am holding them for clients who asked for particular bags!

Meanwhile, back at the goldsmith, I am having a necklace made in shades of green with rose gold to go with my green earrings. IMG_3773

Long mixed stones necklace Love the combination of the gold pieces with the colored stones in a long necklace. Think it will be perfect and not too, “matchy, matchy.”

I will be returning to Seattle for July and August, but am taking requests for remote shopping itineraries. Seems that I can’t stop shopping even when I am not here in Florence!

La Dolce Vita

Beautiful weekend with friends in Castelvecchio, hilltop town in Tuscany and in small Ligurian town. Lunch on the beach!IMG_0034


Been shopping this week with clients for jewelry and ceramics.href=”″ rel=”attachment wp-att-2244″>IMG_4047
Etruscan earrings with diamond

Have had several former shopping clients ask if I can shop for them remotely, and the answer is an enthusiastic YES! Handbags and jewelry, certainly, but shoes only if you have purchased shoes here previously. So much fun!!!

My Life is in the Toilet!

Friday I was on my way to the Tuscan countryside to a friend’s home, so of course allowed plenty of time to get a cab to the train station. No taxi available! Italian cell phone out of minutes! Tick tock….Luckily for me one of the women who works in my apartment building helped me get my bag and Chia to the bus stop, then sprinted to buy me a bus ticket!

It was a gorgeous weekend with lounging outside overlooking the valley in Castelvecchio, eating way too much yummy Italian local food and living la dolce vita. Right up until the moment I dropped my IPhone into the toilet. MY WHOLE LIFE IN THE TOILET!!! No way to call my 92 year old mother, no internet, no camera, no Italian dictionary….

Phone has been packed in a zip lock with rice for exactly 33 1/2 hours now. Must wait until 48 hours have passed to see if it is salvaged. I am going crazy without it!

So I consoled myself with a trip to the goldsmith today. rose and white gold with pearls Love the detail of the rose and white gold with the pearls in this necklace.

Flower earrings My client today ordered the mother of pearl earrings and I am considering the black diamond pave necklace.
Flower Pendent

Must distract myself until I can see if the IPhone still works! If not, thankfully there is a new Apple store here in Florence, and I have the insurance on it. Might need the new necklace to help me overcome the trauma though!

Your personal shopper in Florence, Italy