Orange for Easter!

Buona Pasqua from Florence! The little chocolate shops are filled with eggs of all sizes. Very festive here for Easter.

Not exactly Easter color, but I am seeing orange everywhere!

These are lovely handbags with top notch hardware. I am trying one of the medium sized ones to see if I can manage with a smaller bag.

My daughter told me that I am too old for these sneakers! They do come in blue and beige as well, but I love the orange! What do you think?


Even though it has been very cold in Europe, the weather is warming up now and I am excited to return to Florence. Chia has her bag packed and a new haircut. We arrive next Thursday and have our first shopping tour a few days later.

Last year, the goldsmith helped me design these earrings from a drawing I saw of extinct marine amoeba. I am thinking about a pendant now!

We are getting shopping requests daily now, but I am cutting back on the number of tours I will do. I want to save time for travel to more of the Italian towns on my wish list!

50 Shades of Pink

Fall has definitely come here to Florence with chilly mornings and evenings, but still sunny. Everything seems to be pink in the courtyard of my apartment.

Was recently on a remote shopping expedition for a client searching for ceramics they wish they had purchased when they were here. They didn’t remember the name of the shop, or the address, but I did find it! Saw this lovely window display in the area.

I seem to be obsessed with pink! It is a great color to brighten up the dreary winter days. As an accessory with black, navy, gray especially.

With only 12 days left here in Florence before I return to Seattle for the winter, I am on the hunt for a pink cashmere pashmina and something fun to wear for the holidays ahead!

Sensational Sicily!

Just back from a trip to Anacapri and Sicily. What an adventure- beautiful hotels, Air B&B’s, trains, ferries (including an overnight ferry), car rental and a flight….

Of course everyone wants to know WHAT DID YOU SHOP FOR?
Found these scarves in a little shop in Anacapri. The pattern is the gates of Capri and as you can see, I bought several! They also had large canvas tote bags in this pattern and all sorts of little bags. Wish I had gotten some of those too! Bought a linen shirt in a fabulous shade of jade green, a cream cashmere poncho and scents from a very old profumeria called Carthusia. I am not usually a fan of room scents, but the Mediterraneo per casa changed my mind.

The overnight ferry from Naples to Catania, Sicily was interesting. Great little cabins and Chia was permitted also. Once in Sicily, I bought table and kitchen linens of beautiful quality. I even found pink linens for my table in Seattle!

Taormina was my favorite and we had drinks at Wunderbar where Liz Taylor and Richard Burton used to hang out. Had to try the cocktail that Liz always ordered, and it was yummy!

Am considering putting together a little shopping tour group next spring. Florence, Anacapri, Taormina…..anyone interested?

Your personal shopper in Florence, Italy