Think Pink

Seeing lots of fun colors here for fall. Green and blue together, plus the usual basics. And pink for fall? YES. It looks great with gray, navy, and black.

Adding a pink handbag to fall/winter outfits is perfect. Or how about pink suede shoes?

Rose gold is my personal preference, but all three colors of gold together look great!

Off to look at costume jewelry this afternoon for my new client in Australia who buys wholesale for boutiques there. Fun for Chia and me!

Fall in Florence

Beautiful fall weather here in Florence, where boots reign and leather jackets call to me! I am considering a bottle green leather jacket in the lightweight antelope reversible leather.

The Nudo ring continues to be popular with shopping clients. It is so simple, but so different!
I am partial to green, but the London blue topaz is gorgeous in a ring like this, or earrings or pendant.
Love the woven hobo I bought in gray last spring. Navy blue is available now and I am so temped! Either that or the reversible and convertible bag, which comes in tons of different color combinations. Had one specially made for a client with black leather and red antelope that was fabulous….

I arrived here with just a carry on, but am thinking I may need to buy a suitcase for the return trip!

Planning Ahead

Even though it is just August, I am already doing some Christmas planning. Back in the day when I was performing in the Nutcracker, we worked 7 days a week starting in October. Taught me to do my holiday shopping before Halloween!

I think that these necklaces with diamonds would make great gifts for my daughters. Rose, white or yellow gold in a letter, or maybe a disk with an initial? Perhaps a florin?
These are something they could wear every day.

I will be returning to Florence next week for the fall. Can’t wait to see the new boots and booties! I love my suede and leather boots in navy and the same pair in camel. So much fun to have boots in a color other than black!

Packing and Re-Packing

I love to travel, but the packing makes me crazy! Through the years I have had some success in reducing my luggage. I limit myself to all black and white clothing, and only 2 pairs of shoes: athletic and dressy. I wear on the plane/train boots and my warm coat in the winter and driving mocs and light jacket in the summer. I have some nifty clear plastic zipper bags from (Flight 001 Clear Bag Trio – EXCLUSIVE $28.99 20% Off This Item! Use Code: RECESS). One for my electronics and one for cosmetics. These are always filled and ready to go. Ditto for the hanging sundries bag with sunscreen, medicine, etc.

A couple weeks ago, I spent some time in Monterosso al Mare, one of the five towns in Cinque Terre. Days at the beach, evenings walking along the promenade, and yummy seafood!

Will be in Seattle for the summer, where it is cool and sunny! Chia and I enjoy sitting on our deck overlooking Portage Bay, and planning what to pack to take back to Florence for the fall shopping season.

Just bought a new packing shelf system from this site: It looks like a great idea, and I will let you if I like it! You can look at it here:

Summer Means Sandals!

I have been lusting after these rose gold sandals with a little heel and really good quality crystals. Think that they will look great with everything from black jeans to summer dresses. They are similar to my black sandals and my multi colored ones, but they have a heel! I love rose gold! I must have!

Around every corner here in Florence, there is something fun to see. Chia and I have been spending time walking through the city, enjoying the sights and checking out some new shops. I found one that has handmade Italian accessories: scarves, hats and little bags! Of course I had to buy a hat and a scarf! Needed them for upcoming vacation in Cinque Terre, where I will undoubtedly be seen wearing some fabulous rose gold sandals….

And The Travel Bag Winner Is……

After much consideration, and looking at tons of bags, I have a winner for my summer travel handbag! The thing is that when I travel, I want to have a nice looking handbag to carry sometimes, and other times I want a bag to take on tour or hiking. Finally found the solution to taking 2 bags with me!

This good looking leather bag converts from handbag to backpack! It is way nicer than my dopey old backpack, and much softer too. Comes in taupe, brown, camel and black with a price of 265 euro.

Chia and I are preparing for a few days at the beach in Cinque Terre mid-June. Will definitely take my new bag, and lots of sunscreen…

Your personal shopper in Florence, Italy